The more the internet grows, the less I want to search it.

When the internet was new and exciting, I spent so much time “surfing the net.”  When I searched on Google I actually went all the way to page five or six a few times just to see what was out there.  Ten years later and now I can’t be bothered scrolling down half the first page.  The internet used to be “look how much information I can find!”  Today the internet is “look how fast I can find information!”

This is why, as a company, you need search engine optimization (SEO) and web design.  Strategic Media and Web Design offers the two services necessary if you hope to compete with others on the internet.  The goal of our SEO services is to make your website easier to find than other websites with similar content when using a search engine.  A company is in immediate competition with website’s whose links show up first on Google.  Chances are, I’m going to click the first link before I click the one underneath.  That’s when web design becomes important.

Now that you’ve gotten your website to the top of a Google page, you need to hold your audience.  If the back button is easier to navigate than your website is, people will go back and click that second link right below yours.  Your website is a potential customer’s first impression of your company.  Not only do you want a website that looks professional, you need it to be easy to use.  Strategic Web Design specializes incorporates your vision of how you want your company to be portrayed with our knowledge of how people use the internet.  By knowing where the average person’s eyes go first on a website and what words they are most likely to type into a search engine, Strategic Media can make you the most optimal website and content.