4 Jun, 2013

SEO… Who Cares? You should.

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The use of SEO has become increasingly popular over the past 10 years, and while there may be free information guides to read online, the practice has become much more in depth than one might initially think. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s what stands between your companies website being lost in a sea of search results, or being ranked at the very top of Google, Bing, or Yahoo searches. In order to have your site featured on that desired first page of results, you need to understand the process of how search engines function.

16 May, 2013

Why You Need SEO

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The more the internet grows, the less I want to search it. When the internet was new and exciting, I spent so much time “surfing the net.” When I searched on Google I actually went all the way to page five or six a few times just to see what was out there. Ten years later and now I can’t be bothered scrolling down half the first page.

26 Apr, 2013

What is SEO… and Do You Really Need It?

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Most companies with a website have at some point probably been approached by a company or an individual attempting to sell Search Engine Optimization services, commonly referred to as SEO. But what actually is SEO and why should a company consider paying for it for their website? Years ago, the actor Kevin Costner made a film about baseball legends called “Field of Dreams” about building a baseball diamond on his farm in what was a corn field. His oft repeated refrain for the motivation to do so was “Build it and they will come”.

10 Apr, 2013

My First Blog…Ever! | Confessions of an Intern

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So… I just started my internship with “Strategic Media”. On day one I was tasked with starting up the computer and I passed. I was proud! My second task was to follow the directions from a 10 page document explaining how to start a web site. That is where the problems started. This is also where I am going to stop so I don’t embarrass myself. Instead I will explain to you my idea of “good company vs. bad company”.

22 Feb, 2013

Tampa SEO Company

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Many companies fail to understand the importance of search engine optimization. As the number one Tampa SEO company, we understand that the best website is useless if structural, language problems, or non-textual content prohibit people from finding it. Online forms present obstacles for crawlers trying to read content and bad link structures can cause crawlers [...]

2 Oct, 2012

Marketing Solutions

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Is your business suffering from unsuccessful marketing and advertising? Today’s marketing world has changed dramatically in comparison to the older and more traditional forms of marketing and advertising. Almost all consumers of products and services research what they are considering purchasing before they do so nowadays. Due to the fact that almost everyone goes on the internet to find reliable and specific products and services most forms of traditional marketing have become obsolete. So you might be faced with the question, what is there left to do?

1 Oct, 2012

Reputation Management in Tampa

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Are you in need of reputation management in Tampa? If so, Strategic Media Inc. has you covered. Many of us over time have developed unfavorable online reputations we wish didn’t exist—whether or not the internet information is accurate. If you didn’t already know, the internet is written in permanent ink. Even the content about you on social media networks will always be remembered and stored on the internet’s database. So eventually some of us want to make the undesirable reputation of ourselves disappear… and although that is nearly impossible, it is possible to be at least make it harder to be found thanks to the reputation management services available from the experts at Strategic Media.

22 Aug, 2012

SEO Website Design in Tampa

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If you are a locally based business and was considering becoming a client of SEO Website Design in Tampa, now is the time to do it. Strategic Web Design will make your company much more visible on the internet so that possible customers that are in need of your brand of service can easily find you ahead of your competitors.

20 Aug, 2012

Reputation Management in Tampa Bay

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Do you remember that embarrassing picture taken at that New Year's party back in 2000? The one where you had a lampshade on your head doing a keg stand. No? Well, that one friend does, the one that just found the picture and has posted it to the internet, tagging you oh-so-helpfully.