Modern and clean web design has become a topic of heated debate amongst designers, writers, and even educators.  But what constitutes clean versus outdated practices?  There is no one exact answer, but rather a coupling of generally accepted principles that form the common consensus on what makes a website good, whether it’s here in St. Petersburg or elsewhere.

Don’t Fear White Space

A lot of people are hesitant to leave white space in their art projects; be it online or in any other discipline.  Blank space can be viewed as an unfinished or wasted opportunity, but nothing could be further from the truth: white space on a page is fundamental to clean web design.  The principle of contrast uses two opposing colors to make the text or background stand out, and nothing does this better than the OG of contrast black and white.  Modern trends value black and white as the purest and the sleekest approach.  The look is both minimalist and eye-catching.  No one is saying don’t use color, but also do not be afraid to have some open space on your St. Petersburg webpage.

Clean Web Design Means Easy Navigation, Too!

If you happened to be looking for plumbers in St. Petersburg and picked a site at random (often the corporation at the top of the search engine), you already know what kind of services you are searching for and are trying to access pricing information.  If it’s difficult to locate on some random subpage or if you have to play around with tabs, you will probably take your business somewhere else.  Clean web design isn’t just about appearance; it’s about functionality too.  If your website doesn’t give users what they want, you just lost a potential customer or client; anticipate what people will be looking for and keep it to 2 clicks at most.

No More Than 3 Different Fonts

Fonts are pretty and can be quite stylistic as opposed to the standard fallback Times New Roman.  So, you get the radical idea for your St. Petersburg home page to have a new font in every section.  That will look awesome, right?  Well, go ahead, and when your eyes start to hurt, you will see the point: never use more than two or three fonts at the absolute most.  Any more than that, and it will be unprofessional and gauche.  Three isn’t an arbitrary number; clean web design factors in that you may have:

  • A stylized logo or header for your business
  • The body of content will be in at least ONE font
  • You may wish to choose a different font between the body and headers as a stylistic choice.

Strategic Web Design Can Help!

Hopefully, now you are better educated on some simple principles and can go out into the world with a better site than before, thanks to clean web design.  This will serve you in St. Petersburg or elsewhere, and if you are searching for the best in brand development, give our office a call today at 727-531-7622.