PPC (pay per click) is a type of online advertising where the advertiser pays a specified amount of money every time someone clicks on their advertisement.  One of the most important things to realize about PPC management and advertising is that, as the advertiser, you are not paying for your AD to appear on a webpage. You are not even paying for the AD to be seen. You are paying for the click. People can see the AD, but unless they click on it—you will not be charged. Therefore, you are not paying for the chance that someone may see your AD and respond to it, like most traditional advertising. You are paying anytime someone does respond to it. Of course, once the person clicks the AD and arrives at your site, there is no guarantee or promise that it will turn into a sale. However, if you have a well designed and optimized website, the chances of them sticking around are much more likely. At Strategic Media, we specialize in online marketing in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa Bay, Pinellas County, and other Florida areas.

Pay per click advertising is a bidding system for certain keywords and terms. How it works is, first, an account has to be set up with a search engine. When bidding for certain keyword phrases, some search engines are more expensive than others, usually depending on the sites’ popularity and competiveness. For example, the bidding for Google keywords is going to be more competitive, and probably more expensive, then Yahoo! because advertisers generally prefer to use Google. PPC management is imperative because you need to set certain budgets. There are different options available for the budget plan you are able to set. For example, you can set a certain amount of money for these ADs per month, such as $500. Once the AD has been clicked on enough times in that month to reach $500, no more is allotted. Another option is to allow a certain number of clicks per day. It is extremely important that a careful and close watch and limits are kept on these budgets to make sure you are not spending more than you want to—especially if the phone has not started to ring more. The internet is always changing and it is necessary to tweak your online marketing approaches at times, which can be fairly time consuming. That is where a reputable online marketing company comes into play.

Pay per click advertising is not what it once used to be, meaning money is no longer the only factor. Search engines such as Google now also take into factor how well designed and optimized a website is. Having an organically, search engine optimized website is an ideal way for search engines to recognize your website as a reliable and relevant source of information. PPC management is something in which we specialize. We will do everything from managing your account and researching the appropriate and relevant keywords and terms, to setting up your campaign and managing your budget. We are fully committed to satisfying our Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Pinellas County, Florida clients.

Pay per click can be difficult for beginners to manage, especially if you are just recently emerging into the thriving and ever-changing world of online marketing. Unless you have an in-depth knowledge of the constantly changing rules and techniques of online advertising, as well as the time, s

oftware, and resources to keep up with it, it would be in your best interest to let specialists take care of it for you. If not done correctly, you can actually find yourself spending more on PPC than you are making from conversions.

Still not convinced? Pay per click is even stretching to social media platforms. For example, Facebook offers advertisements you can pay for and what is particularly interesting about this is that their ads are executed according to social trends which they track through people’s profiles. In other words, they tailor the placement of Ads that appear on the Facebook pages according to the Facebook owner’s online search trends and habits. Another reason why pay per click advertisements are beneficial is because approximately 65% of the people who click on these sponsored ads, are the people who are conducting “high commercial intent” keywords. In other words, these are the people who have already done their research and are ready to buy.

At Strategic Media, we specialize in pay per click management and possess the expertise required to determine the best keywords to achieve the maximum results for your company. We incorporate a number of different strategies to handle all of our clients’ online marketing needs including, but not limited to, high logic white hat SEO, custom web design and development, corporate branding/reputation management, social media, and much more.

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