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28 Aug, 2012

The World of CSS

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CSS, an overview CSS is the presentation side of web design. CSS and HMTL work together to make your website an impressive place to be. Years ago, web developers realized they needed a way to separate content from design, so they created CSS. CSS uses the HTML tags to apply certain changes to certain sections [...]

27 Aug, 2012

The Importance of Web Design

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There are certain standards set by the W3 Consortium, in order to maintain web site appearances over a variety of web-enabled devices. Web Design elements are employed to maintain an ordered and accessible appearance over a variety of platforms, this may include a java code that displays different layouts for different mobile devices. The content is the same, just modified for ease of view.

22 Aug, 2012

SEO Website Design in Tampa

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If you are a locally based business and was considering becoming a client of SEO Website Design in Tampa, now is the time to do it. Strategic Web Design will make your company much more visible on the internet so that possible customers that are in need of your brand of service can easily find you ahead of your competitors.