I’ve always been opposed to Twitter, probably more so than most. I saw it as a feed of materialistic movie stars and whining wannabes. I hoped the social media platform, established in 2006, was just a trend. But how long can you label something a trend before you need to re-evaluate its status? Six years and over 500 million registered users later I think it’s safe to say that Twitter isn’t going anywhere. When I saw this Charlene Li quote I was motivated to get on my Twitter game. If you can’t beat them you might as well join them and the last thing I want is to be left out of a conversation.

Twitter is not a technology. It is a conversation. And it’s happening with or without you.”
– Charlene Li, Co-Author of Groundswell

So if you’re like I was, a non-tweeting naysayer, I encourage you to reconsider and take into mind these positive attributes of the platform:

News: Unlike Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn you can get all of your news in one place. I follow CNN, MSNBC, local channels and even FOX. Why limit yourself? You can see updates and articles from all viewpoints in one application. And there is nothing more current.

Business: You can follow your favorite brands and even competitors and see what they’re up to and take advantage of specials and promotions. Or if you’re a business owner you can offer promotions to your followers.

Inspiration: Do you remember those big bulky calendars you used to keep on your desk that had a word or quote of the day? Now you can follow someone like @inspire_us and have it on your feed every morning.

Reach out! Be involved in the conversation with your customers and clients. Help them with their problems. Find out what they like and how you can help them and improve on your product or service.

Celebrities: Not my personal motivation for creating a profile but if you are interested in someone like Ashton Kutcher and want to know what they have for breakfast on a daily basis follow him!

These are just a few of many great reasons to get in on the Twitter action. If you’re like I was and weren’t into the idea at first do what I did and change your perspective. Repeat: “#ilovetwitter!” Embrace it because the conversation is happening with or without you.