We have come to that time of year when we should tally up the score on what we did this year and decide on the numbers we want for next year. Even if you find it painful it’s really something that we all need to do. We can rationalize how unimportant the numbers are but in the end the numbers do tell the tale.

In advertising we must know what worked and what did not. The internet through our websites and social media provides use with the most incredible tools for tracking our results. Analytics allow us to monitor the traffic, the time spent and the source of prospects visiting these media.

By knowing the numbers you can make your website and social media marketing the most effective and accountable marketing source ever. The key to and the power of all marketing efforts is in trying what you believe will work, measuring the results and then making the changes necessary when something is not working.

So make this coming year a great year by measuring and understanding what happened last year and making incremental changes to get you to your goals, which by the way always includes the numbers we want.