Since the dotcom boom of the nineties, the e-commerce scene has exploded to unprecedented levels of success and the Census bureau is projecting the growth isn’t going to stop; the internet isn’t going away anytime soon.  The tech scene isn’t just limited to Seattle, if you have a business all the way down in Tampa you need to invest in website development if you want to remain competitive and not the butt of internet jokes.  Here are some warning flags:

You Own a Business and Don’t Know What Website Development Is

If you own a business and it’s currently 2016 or later, you need to have a website and know about website development.  It is more than just making a website from nothing; it is the cumulative knowledge and application of modern design, graphic design, search engine optimization (SEO), and a dabbling of coding and marketing.  More and more people are online; you need to have an online presence or you’re leaving potential sales behind.

Website Was Built In The Late 90’s Early 2000’s

Everyone has had that awkward phase in their lives, where they wore lime green lipstick and purple eye shadow, a spiked dog collar, or grew a mullet when they played football in a Tampa high school.  For the internet, their awkward teen phase was in the late nineties to early 2000’s where people were figuring out what modern design would eventually become, after posting goofy JPEGs and low pixel GIFs everywhere.  If your website is one such poor soul, consider purchasing some professional website development to bring it into the modern age.

Comic Sans Anywhere

Just don’t.  Friends don’t let friends use comic sans.  If that accursed font is anywhere on your website you need to purge it immediately, unless you are in the business of children’s parties, preschool, or being made fun of on the internet.  The style of font evokes silliness rather than professionalism in the reader, which is why it’s pretty much universally reviled everywhere from London to Tampa; invest in website development to have a professional image.

You Tried DIY Website Development

It is no secret that anyone with the ability to navigate google can find sites that will let you host a website and build one with ‘one click technology.’  However, to those that boast in ignorance “why pay someone else to do website development when I can do it myself?” consider the musings of a colleague: “Good job genius you’ve built a billboard on a dead-end street.”  While you may be able to get something resembling a website live on the internet, $10 says you have not optimized it for SEO so it will be with the other 86 million pages tucked away in the backlogs of a search engine when someone googles ‘donut shops in Tampa’.  Swallow your pride, shop around for a reasonable rate, and hire professionals to do the job they know and love.

So, if you have a business and any of the following flags came up for you, it is imperative you talk to some professionals in website development today, in order to retain a market advantage and set yourself apart from the other millions of business pages out there.