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14 Jan, 2013

Social Media Research

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If you’ve ever attended one of our presentations you know the importance of social media research and you’ve heard us say repeatedly that it is not about the quantity of platforms you are on… it is the quality. When it comes to your online presence it is essential for its quality to be reflective of the quality of your product or service. This means not signing up for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google +, Instagram and Pinterest, but determining which of these high traffic platforms best suits you and your produt or service.

26 Nov, 2012

Social Media and Advertising

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When looking at social media and how it’s evolved over the years, people are now connecting to others in ways that never thought it could be possible. If we were to adjust the clocks back 5 years ago, the websites that we know as “the norm” were just starting to get off their feet. Due to advancements in modern technology and the rapid successions of the Internet, websites like MySpace, Bebo, and Friendster were at their peaks.