Good Company vs. Bad Company

So… I just started my internship with “Strategic Media”. On day one I was tasked with starting up the computer and I passed. I was proud! My second task was to follow the directions from a 10 page document explaining how to start a web site. That is where the problems started. This is also where I am going to stop so I don’t embarrass myself. Instead I will explain to you my idea of “good company vs. bad company”.

  • Bad Company: You fill in the blanks. I’m sure you’ve all been there!
  • Good Company: When the first thing out of the mouth of the person interviewing you is “I hope you have a sense of humor”. I won’t mention any names seeing this is my first blog
  • Good Company: When the owner of the company comes out of the his office (foreign to some bosses), we’ll just call him Chuck, and re-enforces the good humor concept. From there on in I could see that the main theme in the office (after work of course) is to use humor and make the person next to you feel comfortable by making them laugh.
  • Good Company: When you actually look forward to going to work even if you are in a bad mood knowing that in a short time someone will eventually make you laugh or even poke a little fun at you usually in the form of bantering, teasing, mocking– all with respect.

Now I am not naive. I have only been there a couple of days so the pressure is on all of you who work there ir prove that you’re a good company vs. being a bad company.

The Newbie,